2014 márc. 27

Rebellious Mesh Bracelet Ring Texture Menu

2 bracelet
10 rings
texture changer menu (10 texture)

Bitter Glitter Lipstick Pack

10 Glitter Lips make up

2014 márc. 8

3 Cute Dress with Belt GROUP GIFT

Tango/Mirage applier
Phat azz applier
Brazilia applier
Ghetto Booty applier

2014 márc. 3

"Perfect Body" Pants

6 color available
Phat azz/Brazilia applier included


5 color available
Tango/Mirage applier
Phat azz/Brazilia applier

Bow Top

10 differenc color available
Tango/Mirage applier included

Chain Top

5 differenc color
Tango/Mirage applier included

Corset Body

5 differenc color
Tango applier
Mirage applier
Phat azz applier
Brazilia applier

2014 febr. 8

Valentine Group Gift

Valentine Group Gift Tango/ Phat azz applier included,mesh Lollipop

2014 febr. 6

Toxic Platform Mesh Boots

                                                            Texture Menu (14 colors)

2014 febr. 5

Ripped Fishnet Top with Tango applier

JumpSuit w Phat azz

7 color available + Phat azz applier

MESH No Heel Boots with Rivets


Cute Suit with Tango applier

2 pants versio included,phat azz/tango applier

2013 dec. 7

GROUP GIFT Christmas Bish Outfit

                                                                   Free Group Gift

2013 nov. 28

Handcuff Necklace ( Gold-Silver )


2013 nov. 24

Mesh Leg Warmers Set Texture Changer menu


Animalistic Eyeshadows Leopard and Zebra pack

6 Leopard 6 Zebra Eyeshadows included

2013 nov. 23

I LOVE 69 Hoodie

Mesh Hoodie 6 size, texture changer menu,11 texture

2013 nov. 21

Photo Realistic Teeth

3 Teeth with/without Gemstone (texture changer Gemstone)

2013 nov. 20

Ankle Handcuff with Chain

Gold, Silver colors

2013 nov. 12

Net knee stocking with Phat Azz applier

BLACk and WHITE color included + Phat Azz Applier

2013 okt. 28

GROUP GIFT Dirty Pink with Tango applier, Phat Azz applier


2013 okt. 24

Ashleigh Jean Shorts with Phat Azz

-Phat Azz Applier included

2013 okt. 19

2013 okt. 17

Mesh Cross Set

4 color
Gold Silver Black Pink
Mesh Earrings,Mesh Choker (resizable)